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final fantasy xiv ps4

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 version of A Realm Reborn takes on a higher gear by capitalizing on the advantages of the hardware in an intelligent way, and marks a milestone in the history of Square Enix, as well as the MMO genre.

With each component being meticulously detailed and thoughtfully implemented, this is the best MMO available on a console offering rich functionality, which might otherwise require the use of third-party modifications in other similar games.

The quests you go on, for example, are presented in a more interactive style. It’s always easy to determine what the goals are, too, and they tend to have a generous variety of objectives or mechanics which helps to stave off the boredom that can creep in to this type of game.

There’s also an overarching story quest to stitch the lengthy leveling experience together, as well as numerous forms of dungeons, raids, short dungeons, multi-participant “Fate” quests, and so on, ensuring there’s always plenty to do


Final Fantasy 14 has an interesting past. When it was first released, and was known simply as Final Fantasy XIV, the game was an unmitigated disaster in just about every aspect.

An embarrassment to the core, it was lambasted by critics and players alike, garnering low ratings and attracting a very limited subscriber base.

Four years henceforth, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn was finally available on PlayStation 4, after hitting retail on both PlayStation 3 and PC, late in the season. From being the worst MMO on the market and the worst Final Fantasy game ever released to attaining the top of both piles; it has seen it all.

Though the PlayStation 3 edition was a serviceable test run for the new and improved Final Fantasy XIV, it was still plagued with numerous usability issues and interface shortcomings that made it an exercise in frustration, especially when it came to the graphic presentation and aesthetic quality.


Final Fantasy XIV PS4 edition has solved nearly all the existing drawbacks with previous beta versions and can hold its stance as a companion for PC edition, running at a smooth 1080p and also unraveling even top-tier graphics on PC editions at the highest video settings.

Significantly improved draw distance is one of the major perks to make a gamer upgrade to the PS4 edition, because it dissolves the prior frustrations relating to keeping up with your combatants on-screen as well as what’s coming up in the over-world.

A noticeably improved UI makes it simpler to track the entire action on-screen, with the minor frame rate drops being the singular reason of holding back your overall gaming experience. When large groups of players gather in one area at the same time, gamers have complained of a bit of slowdown, but it’s barely noticeable when it does happen.

The PS4’s controller feels amazing, with functional control mapping and the crossbar, which allows you to use L2, R2, the D-pad, and face buttons to issue commands, similar to how you do in the PS3 version.

The touchpad has been cleverly implemented as well; so that you can use it as though it is a mouse cursor to div-agate between menus and choices.

All of this comes at a small price on the PlayStation 4 – assuming that the user sticks to the controller as your primary source of input – although in reality it can be mechanically challenging to reign in all of the options available on the small selection of buttons afforded by a DualShock 4.

Fortunately, setting up of a mouse and keyboard control in the game is another aspect of simplicity in itself, such that if you find yourself struggling with a DualShock, you can conveniently switch over a traditional MMO interface methodology.

Lastly, the most distinguished and useful addition to the ffxiv ps4 has been the ability to use Remote Play with your Vita. Taking your Vita to bed at night to snuggle up with it and at the same time get some grinding in feels spectacular, like a history-defining moment?

Now, the convenience of the system allows Remote Play to work beautifully for Final Fantasy XIV PS4, and it has been doing so well that it’s hard to imagine any future PS4 MMOGs to not include that option.

Remote Play requires PS Vita system and sufficiently robust Wi-Fi connection.

  • 1 player
  • Network Players 2-99
  • 40GB minimum save size
  • Remote Play
  • 1080p HD Video Output



As we know, Realm Reborn is totally based on grind-heavy gameplay, which is why it’s worth noting that the game is subscription-based. However, on PS4 you don’t need a PS Plus membership to play.

However, in a revamp of the free-trial period by Square Enix, the massively multiplayer online game is now free to play up until level 35 without any time restrictions, following afterwards paying for a subscription is required to continue on. Prior to hitting level 35, there aren’t many limitations on what you can/cannot do in the game. You’ll be able to link up with friends and random strangers, visit the Deep Dungeon, and take advantage of the cross-platform play between a PC and PlayStation 4.

Once you exhaust up to 35 levels, you need to either subscribe or start another character.

Beyond a certain point in level 35, you’ll need to pay a mere subscription fee of $12.99 per month , which sounds like a sweet deal to provide you with hundreds of hours of a big, beautiful game for minimal cost.


As it stands right now, Final Fantasy XIV represents an impressive reversal of fortunes for a game that, just a few years ago, was an embarrassment to the Final Fantasy series.

A vast and charming supporting cast, intricate classes with a variety of interesting augmentations along the way, and a reworked MMORPG that combines the new and timeworn elements, weaves together a satisfying and modern Final Fantasy that does justice to its role of catering to longtime franchise fans and MMO enthusiasts alike.

It is a commendable redesign, especially on the PlayStation 4, which can easily be considered as the best avenue to experience the staggering world and bounty of additional content. The fact that you can get most of the experience with a stock PlayStation 4 (and all of it by simply adding a keyboard and mouse) is remarkable.

Even if you’re still backpacking through Vana’diel, consider making yourself a new home in Eorzea- the ffxiv ps4 family would love to have you.

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 - Direct Download with Trial
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Final Fantasy XIV PS4 - Direct Download with Trial
Final Fantasy XIV PS4 version of A Realm Reborn enjoy on the advantages of the hardware in an intelligent way, & marks milestone in history.
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Final Fantasy 14 Download
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