Final Fantasy Jobs 2019 – Best Guide Available (Hidden Features)

Final Fantasy Jobs

Final Fantasy Jobs in 2019 are an extension of their base classes, and require a Soul Crystal to activate. Each job acquires additional role specific actions based on the job’s role in group content (Tank, DPS, or Healer). ffxiv jobs, since the release of Stormblood, players are no longer required to level a secondary class and can advance to their respective job at level 30.

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Features of Final Fantasy Jobs 14

Primary Class is the class that a job is tied to.
To switch to a job, simply equip its Soul Crystal. Returning to a base class works similarly by leaving the crystal slot empty.

Final Fantasy Jobs possess all of the abilities and traits of the primary class and are able to select five additional actions shared among all jobs of that role.Before attaining level 60, Jobs borrow all of their Traits from their primary class. However, any Traits acquired from levels 61 to 70 are restricted to the Job upon which they are acquired.

Note that while most Abilities are acquired through gaining levels, some are locked behind Class and Job Quests. Level is shared between job and primary class once that job is unlocked. For example, if you level a Summoner to 40, then swap over to its base class (Arcanist), the latter will also be at level 40.

This means both primary class and its respective job will always be at the same level, regardless of which you play with. Jobs released in Heavensward (3.0): Dark Knight, Astrologian and FFXIV Machinist, start from level 30 and do not require base classes, instead starting with a full set of abilities of their own.

Jobs released in Stormblood (4.0): Samurai and Red Mage, start from level 50 and do not require base classes similar to the Heavensward jobs.



Wielding a veritable arsenal of enmity and mitigation tools, Paladins make excellent tanks. While having only moderate HP, they have access to a plethora of defensive and healing actions. They are also capable of taking damage intended for allies. Because this job focuses primarily upon mitigating incoming damage, its damage output is the lowest of the three Tank Jobs.


Boasting a tremendous HP pool and Abilities that lend themselves to high burst damage, Warriors are a force to be reckoned with. They are often chosen to be off-tanks in full-party content, though they are certainly capable of filling the role of Main Tank as well. As a trade-off for their generous HP pool and comparatively high damage potential, Warriors possess somewhat lackluster mitigation tools compared to their Dark Knight and Paladin brethren.

FF14 Dark Knight

Dark Knights strive to occupy the proverbial middle ground between Warrior and Paladin, providing the player with a balanced offering of mitigation and damage-dealing tools. This job uses MP to perform actions, and is known for draining mana very quickly if not managed well. Dark Knights can greatly increase their next offensive/defense action by using a special ability called Dark Arts.


FFXIV Astrologian

Astrologians are a healing time-mage job. Their actions are based on both heal-over-time and MP regeneration, as well as using cards to cast offensive buffs and recover mana. Besides having damage increase buffs, astrologians deal the least damage out of all healers.


Scholars are a mixed healing job. Mastering this job is considered difficult because of all the micromanaging involving their own healing spells, and pet healing spells. Due to their access to aetherflow scholars don’t see much problems with MP management like white mages for example, and they can also deal the highest continuous DPS from all healers with damage-over-time actions.

White Mage

White Mages bear the highest healing output in the game. Through the use of HP regeneration abilities, a full HP heal, and occasional DPS bursts, white mages are a very varied healing job. They can swap healing power with damage power to provide a more DPS-oriented gameplay, and are often seen as a very simple starting job.

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Final Fantasy Jobs include Bard, black mage, dragoon, machinist, monk, ninja, red mage, samurai, summoner.

Melee DPS –

These are the amazing close range attacker who focuses on specific careful positioning to make maximum damage and impact.


They mastered their chakras by devoting to the God – The Destroyer and now are capable of performing extra ordinary feats.


Born of the timeless conflict between men and dragon, these lance wielded knights developed an aerial style of combat.


They are highly trained combats and can easily manipulate the energy of land, the air, and the human being to use against their foes.


The nation of Hingashi was built under one name, and these warriors came to help not upon fields as part of an army, but upon streets as protectors of the peace.

Physical Ranged DPS –

They are best rangers to do damage from a distance and also help support companions.


They sing in battles to fortify fighting spirits among companions.

FFXIV Machinist

Far from the place of Ishgard where Dragoons developed the super technology to take down dragons from sky, they did advancements and keep doing since ages to their Armaments and fighting became them one of the superior fighters.

Magic Ranged DPS –

They are magical in variety of Arcane Arts. Their movements are restricted but they inflict high burst damages during war.

Black Mage

They carry a potent power for destruction of its kind using Black magic.


These mages are not just having the power to summon the primans but can also transmute the primals essenses. It can bind them to their own will.

FFXIV Red Mage

Due to a burning star, people took shelter in Gyr Abania Mountain regions to safeguard themselves. People from many places gathered there including refugees of the sorcerous cities of Mhach and Amdapor. Due to the remnants of their arts a new discipline was built and FFXIV Red Mages came forward to fight against destruction waves.

Final Fantasy Jobs - Best Guide Available (Final Fantasy 14)
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Final Fantasy Jobs - Best Guide Available (Final Fantasy 14)
FFxiv jobs, since the release of Stormblood, players are no longer need to level a secondary class and can advance to respective job at L30.
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