FFXIV Lodestone – Final Fantasy 14 Challenge & Winning Tips

ffxiv lodestone

Final fantasy has been pretty popular among gamers of massive multiplayer genre of gaming; it created a jolt among gamers which was popularly seen in the early ages of RPG gaming icon called zelda, it took everybody by surprise, and quickly become one of the top ranking games of all time in the addition of this was the FFXIV Lodestone.

FFXIV Lodestone Stages of Developments

More than five years have passed since the inception of A Realm Reborn in 2013, a game which marked the rebirth of the Final Fantasy MMO concept.

Comprising of more than 14 million subscribers, the FFXIV fans have become a massive healthy and huge community enjoying the game and its activities on both PS4 and PC.

Launched in 2013, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn did more than just revitalize the concept of MMO. It turned out to be the best Final Fantasy in a generation.

With expansions such as Heavensward and, most recently, Stormblood, coming live in the online market, FFXIV franchise has only gone from strength to strength, sitting at a record of 10 million players – which is just two million short of the 12 million subscribers of World of Warcraft – while enjoying the peaks of success and closest any MMO has come to those dizzy heights.

The game has focused on its core competency of innovation to survive in a competitive market.

The game was originally codenamed as ‘Rapture’ due to the long phase of development and testing it went through before the launch of the BETA version after several trials and errors, because previous titles had a tendency to be filled with bugs which required patches to be sent out to rectify the end user, in which it was losing out on a major consumer base.

The game story is primarily written by sato; who also contributed to various other screenplays and mangas for anime and other japanese pop culture ideologies.

The Characterization

The zest of the story lies in the main conflict of the nature between the five elemental races, which are present in the world of Eorzea — with the Garlean Empire.

Just like relating to the Thalmors in the Elder scrolls series, who tried to capture the whole tamriel but in the endeavors of they failed, it was purely RPG single person game didn’t had the massive multiplayer ribbon with it, maybe that’s why bethesda sustained the gameplay and richness, sticking to its genre of gaming.

In the follow sections I will try to decipher the mysterious game and it’s dynamics, so that you will be able to understand it. Let’s understand some subtleties of the gameplay first then we will scrutinize the whole the whole game – whether it’s worth your time or not.


Yoshida was made both producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV in December 2010 with a mandate to revamp the title that warranted widespread criticism and almost marked the end of the MMO era.

He undertook the herculean task of building the MMORPG from the ground up to succeed and the result was A Realm Reborn, in a literal sense, launched in August 2013, with a streamlined gameplay that has been praised for its solid interface and numerous life-like features.

Pad control is one of the things that set FF14 apart. Keyboard and mouse access has been made available too for group content and more importantly, to enable a person to relax and play it like a console RPG is one big refreshing point about it.

The combat is not very flashy but strategically pleasing, and a novel class system which enables you to level up and adopt multiple professions for a single character while mixing them up as well, provides a steady sense of progress and control over a vast spread of potential progression paths.

The dynamics of the gameplay MMORPG or I should say the pure RPG has been retained for the character creation, as players can choose from various avatars provided or customize according to their heart’s content.

It’s now a stable, sprawling MMORPG that mixes genre conventions of questing, crafting, raiding with the trappings of the long-running JRPG series and resonates strongest with players who believe and care about the glory of this universe, its theme, and its dark side.

Plot and the drums

Set in the mythical lands of Eorzea where we have the three main powers running the nation: The forest nation of Gridania, the metropolis of Ul’dah sultanate; and the marine state of thalassocracy of limsa Lominsa.  The success of the game is determined by three things – graphics, sound, and story, and FFXIV Lodestone happens to excel in all three of them.

The gripping storyline is spread over the nation of Eorzea, taking place from the scholarly state of sharlayan to the villainous lands of Garlean Empire, an attackable northern power with highly advanced technology.

In order to protect their nation from the threats of the world and beyond the Void, these thee powers of Eorzea reform a grand company for each of them, which produce mercenaries to protect their nations and maintain a central command on the lineage of military and economic assets.

These Grand Companies have players from all walks of life, battling and training by picking up alternative jobs, giving the users a real-life experience of working in a fictional soldier camp.

In FFXIV Lodestone, players may play as part of the many classes and take up jobs on the same character, for each alternative day Crafting classes level from 1-50 would allow you to gain new abilities along the way in the quest to create high-quality items. Keep on reading how it became what it is today.


With various events happening every day in the community, Final Fantasy XIV: Lodestone has become famous among its varied user base itself. There are various things, changes to the whole game but not so much major changes; it’s sort of a DLC.

FFXIV Lodestone - Final Fantasy 14 Challenge & Winning Tips
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FFXIV Lodestone - Final Fantasy 14 Challenge & Winning Tips
FFXIV Lodestone is massively a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which the player controls a customized Adventure avatar.
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