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After a series of delays, “Coming soons,” and “Square Enix Time” exclamations, the fabled FFXIV Companion app is here, and it here to stay.

Coupled along with a cute Allagan-Tomestone-as-an-iPhone marketing push it’s actually pretty handy, and serves as a chat application to contact your friends and plan meet-ups or social activities.

You can also carry out services like browsing the auction house (market board) or manage your inventory (some of which is gated behind a premium, that comes later, though you can buy Mog Coin microtransactions now, of course) from the comfort of a break room at work so when you come home, you could set aside those petty tasks and focus on adventuring.

The app is available for subscription and downloads on both iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Facts about FFXIV Companion App

One of the interesting facts about the ffxiv companion app is that it will work for 30 days after your subscription has expired.

It might not sound like a ground-breaking feature but many guild mates or online gamers go underground for a few weeks without a trace, only to find out that they are going through monetary restrictions or financial troubles that prevented them from playing for a bit.

Now you can just contact them directly with the help of ffxiv companion app.

Signing Up

Once downloaded, players can sign into this app, choose their primary character, and then interact with the ffxiv companion app from their smartphones. The level of interaction is dependent on your plan type, as Square Enix will be offering a secondary subscription for the app with additional features.

It also features a “scheduler” so you can work out the most ideal to hop into a raid or PvP event. If you’re not subscribing to the app, the free plan permits you to check your friend’s list, chat with your friends and free company acquaintances, and schedule the various upcoming in-game events.

For anyone who has played the game for more than a few months and has a fair idea about it, you know how annoying it can be to organize your items. The ffxiv companion app now allows you to do this while riding the bus or walking your dog.

Players under the free plan can also manage their inventory, analyze the market board, and buy or sell goods. Another pretty nifty feature about the inventory option is that market board option will be tied into it.


A sell button situated at the bottom of the screen that when tapped, will call up the moogles to give away your items for the associated fee, so you can go through organizing and arranging your items in the order that you want, and simply get rid of the rest by selling it, transferring it or trashing it.

You may also send items to your armory chest. If you are a hardcore player of Final Fantasy XIV, then this feature would be invaluable to you, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for its premium plan too.

At last, you also have the option to set up another favored Aetheryte destination in the course of your game.


If you decide that you want to subscribe to the app, the Premium Plan will cost $5.99 per month. Under the Premium Plan, players will have the ability to restructure their saddlebag and retainer inventories.

In addition, if you subscribe to the premium plan, saddlebag capacity is doubled and players can hire an additional retainer, bringing their total up to 10. Chances are, if you’re a frequent user of the market board or heavily into crafting, the Premium Plan would be an enticing and irresistible offer for you.

Not only do you get a lot more space to work with, you can manage your entire current inventory and post items to the Market Board straight from your phone.

However, despite the software’s innovative capabilities, some users have been reporting difficulties in using the app; as it keeps crashing on amid constant network errors. Sadly, you do need an active service account and subscription available in order to really avail the app’s functions.

This can be a somewhat annoying requirement as some players may want to engage in a conversation with friends or sell stuff without paying for a subscription right now, but it is certainly understandable from a commercial point of view as well.

Outside the purview of the ffxiv companion app though, there’s a lot more to the Patch 4.3. The main plot will be continued with further quests, as will the Four Lords and Hildibrand scenarios. Stormblood is all set to get a new series of Beast Tribe quests featuring the Namazu, with a focus on crafting and gathering jobs.

Winding Up

To conclude, the Patch 4.3 includes tweaks and adjustments to Dark Knight, Samurai, and Astrologian jobs, a new HUD for The Feast, the ability to reclaim items converted into glamour, and more Performance animations, which will be a feast to the souls of the loyal users.

Square Enix will also be adding cross-world linkshells, keeping you connected with friends on other servers. All in all, it’s a hefty bunch of update to Final Fantasy XIV and we look forward to diving into it in with the much-deserved enthusiasm.

FFXIV Companion App Download - Adventure Anywhere
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FFXIV Companion App Download - Adventure Anywhere
One of the interesting facts about the ffxiv companion app is that it will work for 30 days after your subscription has expired.
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