Final Fantasy 14 Classes – Best to Play & Step Up Your Game

final fantasy 14 classes

The traditional job system of the Final Fantasy series received quite a makeover in Final Fantasy 14 classes after major criticisms in 2010.

In the rebooted version which was launched in 2017, each character now starts with a basic class – a specialist in a type of weapon or skills – before branching into a specialized job at the  level 30.

Classes are divided into four Disciplines, depending on their area of strength. Eorzea, a mythical land home to such myriad disciplines (or classes) proves suitable to every adventuring style. Each class is capable of performing one-of-its-kind actions acquired through experience.

Furthermore, achieving a certain level of mastery in a certain class will unlock its respective job, which features even greater specialization.

Final Fantasy 14 Classes

The Final Fantasy 14 Classes encompasses four major disciplines, where each discipline covers a certain aspect or area of combat and crafting. They are:

  1. Disciples of War: are your physical damage dealers. Through a series of rigorous physical training, they hone their minds and bodies into instruments of combat. Archers, Gladiators, Lancers, Pugilists, and Marauders basically fall under this category.
  2. Disciples of Magic: are your magic casters, who naturally study and command sorcery in all its forms. They are often found in the back of the party, using their potent magic to either keep the group alive, or to lay waste to enemies. Arcanists, Conjurers, and Thaumaturges fall under this category.
  3. Disciples of the Hand: Classes under this deal with crafting. They employ a variety of arsenal of tools in working everything from the most delicate cloth to the most resilient metal. Through their labors, the traditions and cultures of Eorzea are kept alive, and her beliefs are preserved. Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Armorers, Goldsmiths, Leatherworkers, Weavers, Alchemists, and Culinarians fall under this particular head.
  4. Disciples of the Land: They deal with harvesting and collecting materials from the lands of Eorzea and bring them back to be used by the Disciples of the Hand. As a cornerstone of Eorzea’s economy, their impact on the citizens can hardly be overstated. Miners, Botanists, and Fishers fall in to this particular category.

By achieving sufficient mastery in a certain class, adventurer-seekers will be able to begin undertaking the mantle of a related job. Once you’ve mastered your main role at a class of your choosing, you can then choose a Job which relates more specifically to your role and define the boundaries within which you would like to play.

For example, gladiators may rise up as paladins; thaumaturges may aspire to become black mages (masters of offensive magic) while conjurers may find a new calling to be the white mages, masters of healing.

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Final Fantasy 14 Roles

Combat roles under the ffxiv Classes include all three facets that classes/jobs may perform:

  1. Tanks– Tanks are specialized in enduring damage and generating enmity (aggro) so that enemies won’t chase healers or DPS. They have self-buffs to provide support for damage reduction and agro-generation. The jobs under this are:
  • Warrior– The Warrior is a very-high HP tank that has does not over-excel in either Physical or Magical defense, but rather in damage and self-healing. They have 2 stances: Defiance and Deliverance. Defiance reduces the damage dealt and increases power of HP recovery via healing magic. Deliverance simply increases your damage dealt. The Warrior is, hands down, the most damaging out of any tank, makes it a fantastic off-tank.
  • Paladin– The Paladin is a moderate HP tank with unmatched physical damage mitigation. They make use of many abilities which reduces the damage taken. They even have a move which allows you to directly take the physical damage for another party member. It has 2 stances: Sword Oath and Shield Oath. Shield Oath increases your defenses while lowering your attack strength and Sword Oath increases the damage of your auto attacks. At higher levels, Paladins gets a very strong healing power that they can use on themselves or their allies.
  • Dark Knight– The Dark Knight is a normal and medicore HP tank with very good magical damage mitigation. Their style of playing involves heavy MP management, decision making, and micromanagement. What’s unique about DRK is that their tank and their damage stances that are both active at the same time. Dark Knights have an ability called “Dark Arts” which consumes one-fourth of their maximum MP and enhances the abilities for further usage.
  1. Healers- Healers are specialized in healing your allies with heal-over-time spells, target spells, and area spells. They can also cleanse diseases from allies and cast restorative spells on them. This role can be identified by their unique green-colored class/job golden frame icon. The jobs under this are:
  • Scholar– Scholars are masterful tacticians of the battlefield that walk alongside with their fairy pet. Known for their large shields and proactive style of playing, they have an ability called “Aetherflow” which allows them to restore MP and use certain healing abilities every 60 seconds.
  • White Mage– White Mage is a very reactive healer and has the best raw heals in the video game. It has a massive arsenal of HP regeneration abilities as well. They usually have a limited supply of MP, but it can be refreshed by using abilities called “Shroud of Saints” and “Assize”.
  • Astrologian– The Astrologian is very reminiscent of a healing and recovering time mage. They can heal either through a regeneration or a shielding stance and they regenerate MP with a move called “Luminiferous Aether”. Their main gimmick though, is their “Draw” system. Once every 30 seconds, it allows the user to draw a random card and either store it, shuffle it, or enhance their next draw. There are 6 different cards in total and their buffs range from MP regeneration to increased damage.
  1. DPS (Damage Dealers) includes physical and magical damage. Both are aimed at dealing with damage in a plethora of ways: precise single-target attacks, area bursts, damage-over-time, summoning magical area spells, etc. Some DPS tasks also have healing and tanking properties, but these are very rare and are not the main focus on endgame content. At endgame, DPS have to deal the most amount of damage possible and at the same time, also following mechanics and sometimes even helping out party members. Their role can be identified by the red-colored class/job golden frame icon. DPS is divided into:
  • Melee-ranged DPS – Classes/jobs that perform closed range attacks and abilities. The jobs under this are
  • Dragoon
  • Monk
  • Ninja
  • Samurai
  • Physical-ranged DPS— Classes/jobs that perform physical ranged attacks. The jobs under this are:
  • Machinist
  • Bard
  • Magic Ranged DPS — Classes/jobs that perform magical ranged attacks. The jobs under this are:
  • Black Mage
  • FF14 Summoner
  • Red Mage

Wrap Up

One of the greatest aspects of the Final Fantasy 14 Classes is the flexibility. Players are not locked into a single job choice, so when you’re reading through over the various options in the game, keep in mind that it is not a permanent choice.

After you have finished the class level requirements and completed the associated quest for the job you are going for, you will be granted a Job Soul Crystal with which you will be equipped to your character and granted the abilities of that job. Pretty neat, uh?

The Final Fantasy 14 Classes has a very wide scope and it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose one class because you’re new to the game and you don’t know which class fits your style of playing the best.

We hope this rundown helped you significantly and simplified your decision-making. If we missed out on something , let us know in our comments section.


Final Fantasy 14 Classes - Best to Play & Step Up Your Game
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Final Fantasy 14 Classes - Best to Play & Step Up Your Game
Final Fantasy 14 Classes are divided into four Disciplines, depending on their area of strength. Eorzea, is one of them. More inside!
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