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final fantasy 14 download

Final Fantasy 14 Download subscription in 2019 available for any device is pretty popular among gamer of massive multiplayer genre of gaming; it created a jolt among gamers which was popularly seen in the early ages of RPG gaming icon called zelda, it took everybody by surprise, and quickly become one of the top ranking games of all time.

Before coming to the 14th edition of the journey, the development of the series begin in 2005, four years before the official announcement; to keep the fans of the series waiting in dismay for the larger periods of times.

We will also be providing Final fantasy xiv download and review to decide if its worth spending bucks.

Developmental Stages for Final Fantasy 14 download

The game’s unique approach to the whole dynamics of the MMORPG scenario helped it’s sustainability in the highly competitive market, the original producer Hiromichi Tanaka, code named it ‘Rapture’ for development in those periods it gone through various trials and errors, because previous titles had tendency to be filled with bugs for that the patches would be sent out to remedy the end user, in which it was losing precious consumer base.

Without further adieu let’s move ahead towards the journey which by showing you guys how to download the ffxiv from store directly.

The game story is primarily written by sato; who also contributed to various other screenplays and manga’s for anime and other Japanese pop culture ideologies.

The Settings

The zest of the story lies in the main conflict of the nature between the five elemental races, that are present in the world of Eorzea — with the Garlean Empire.

Just like relating to the Thalmors in the Elder scrolls series, who tried to capture the whole tamriel but in the endeavours of they failed, it was purely RPG single person game didn’t had the massive multiplayer ribbon with it, maybe that’s why bethesda sustained the gameplay and richness, sticking to it’s genre of gaming.

In the follow sections I will try to decipher the mysterious game and it’s dynamics, so that you will be able to understand it properly and showing you how to download the final fantasy 14.

Let’s understand some dynamics of game-play first then we will check the whole the whole game — whether it’s worth your time or not.


Final fantasy xiv download

Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which the player controls a customized Adventurer avatar from one of the five playable races of Eorzea.

There two tribes provided for each race, and all but two of them allow for the selection of female or male character classes.

The dynamics of the gameplay MMORPG or I should say the pure RPG has been retained for the character creation, as players can choose from various avatars provided or customize according to their heart’s content.

The players accumulate various experience points for up gradation of their levels; bringing more unique items to the game play and different gaming styles.

The game’s opening varies depending on which starting location of the game is chosen and deduced.

Two different types of quests are available for players: story quests, which are unlocked as characters accumulate experience points (EXP) and raise their experience level while unlocking new abilities; and Levequests (leves), side quests accessed through the Adventurers’ Guilds.

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Compared to final fantasy 13 where party-based game play at the forefront all times, the game play in XIV is adjusted so that players can go for longer periods without joining a party.

The auto attack option is also not available. Through defeating monsters, crafting items, and completing quests, players accumulate EXP which, when a certain threshold is reached, automatically increases the players levels.

Setting & Characters

There are three main powers: The forest nation of Gridania, The deserts of Ul’dah sultanate; and the thalassocracy of limsa Lominsa, The dominant maritime power.

Other important locations include scholarly state of sharlayan and the Garlean Empire, a attackable northern power with highly advanced technology.

In response to the empires threat, the three nations of Eorzea reform the grand companies, these mercenary like companies have central command which guilds military and economic assets.

The Grand Companies have people from every walk of life, in them. Keep on reading how to download the final fantasy xiv online.

The character of player is customizable Adventurer avatar taken from the five main races of Eorzea; that exist. There are human like races of called Hyur, the elf like Elezen; the physically strong Roegadyn sort of like vikings, the diminutive lalafell and the feline Miqo’te.

Both Roegadyn and Miqo’te are gender locked to male and female respectively. There is one other race called the beastmen, they worship tribes, ancient gods, sort of living the primal life — which require aether-rich crystals and whose presence damages the planet.

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Beginning in one of Eorzea’s three main states, the player character awakes to the Echo, a power granting them the ability to see the past.

The Adventurers are initially involved in both conflicts within the nations provoked by the Garlean presence, led by the Garlean Legatus Gaius Van Baelsar, and the armies in the south, guarded by Beastmen’s attempts to hoard crystals and summon their Primals.

Eventually, a greater threat is brought to the attention of the nations by the Sharlayan scholar Louisoix Leveilleur: another Garlean Legatus named Nael Van Darnus is using arcane magic and technology to summon Dalamud, the planet’s second moon, down on Eorzea to purge the Beastmen and Primals whom the Garleans hate as violent pagans.

With the aid of Garlean defector Cid nan Garlond, the Adventurers discover that Nael has set up a beacon for summoning Dalamud in the new fortress of Castrum Novum. While each nation makes individual they repelled the attacks on fotteresses.

Faced with this, their leaders form a pact and unite the nations under the banner of the Eorzean Alliance. Interesting right? Don’t leave now, keep on reading; and we will explain how to download the final fantasy 14.

Now united, the nations, aided by Adventurers, successfully storm Castrum Novum and destroy the beacon. Nael, insanely committed to his plan, makes himself into a second beacon.

Though they banished the emperor, but it was imperative that one day they would return. Dalamud has descended too far for it to return into orbit, so Louisoix proposes a final desperate plan: to summon the Twelve, Eorzea’s guardian deities, and return Dalamud into orbit.

The Adventurers pray to altars dedicated to the Twelve across the land Eorzea, then rally with the armies of the Eorzean Alliance to fight Nael’s legion on the Carteneau Flats, the predicted impact site of Dalamud.

In between the battle, Dalamud deforms and reveals itself to have been a prison for the Elder Primal Bahamut. Enraged after its banishment, Bahamut begins laying waste to Eorzea.

After the attempt to summon the Twelve fails, Louisoix uses the last of his powers to summon the nine Adventurers into a time rift, separating them from the flow of time so they can return when Eorzea has recovered.

Recruit a Friend Feature

Overwhelmed with the Game Plan and how much it can bring to your table? Another awesome feature is recruit a friend where you can invite your friends to play with you anytime, anywhere.

Awesome! Isn’t it?

Companion App for Community

Another great option to connect, learn, strategy planning and execution is simplified by an extra App called FFXIV Companion App.

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Get Final Fantasy 14 download from here

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Windows, MacOS, Steam OS

Way 1: Go to the Link Here.

Follow the Installation instructions given there, you will have fully working ffxiv download game in just moments.

Way 2: Through Steam, if you use steam then it’s breeze for you simply purchase the game – register with your steam account on Final Fantasy 14th and you are all set.

All the patches and bug fixes will be automatically applied to from the steam client.

Linux Operating Systems

Way 1: Install WINE (Install Here) and then follow the same instructions given for windows.

Way 2: PlayOnLinux: Similar to wine this is a predetermined subsystem for GNU/ Linux operating systems.

For PS4

You have to purchase the game in order to play. Go to This Link and then just simply enter the promo code that came with the online version or you brought it off shelves.

For PC

Download Final Fantasy XIV for PC here.

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